Dil Tune Toda Hai Ft. Danish Alfaaz, Sana Eslam Khan, Being Shadab Khan & Muskan Sharma gets well acceptance !!

Dil Tune Toda Hai Ft. Danish Alfaaz, Sana Eslam Khan, Being Shadab Khan & Muskan Sharma gets well acceptance !!

Entertainment industry is doing its best to let everyone come out of their monotonous routine of the lockdown. Daily so many tracks are up and making people feel lively. Roots Music & Mohit Malhotra present a new track Dil Tune Toda Hai. The song is a love story featuring the charming duo Danish Alfaaz and Sana Eslam Khan with amazingly talented Being Shadab Khan and gorgeous Muskan Sharma. Music of the song is given by Vibhas and Produced by Sweety Kapoor and Mohit Malhotra. The video is directed by popular director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi. The video of the song will take you to the world of love and betrayal and will make you nostalgic about your school days.

Dinesh Sudarshan Soi is one of the renowned names in the Bollywood; he is deeply respected and honoured in the entertainment industry.

Dinesh Sudarshan Soi is also coming up with more music videos titling Mausam, Teriyan Akhiyaan, Aldo, Sohna Sohna Munda, Lalla Lalla Lori, Hifaazat, Ban Sajna, Khojun Main Tujhko, Kya Karun, Yaariyan Dildaariyan, Sorry, Cute Jeha, Chhan Jeha Mukda to name a few.

Dil Hai Chhota Sa, Chhoti Si Asha!

Dil Hai Chhota Sa, Chhoti Si Asha!

Asha Bhosle beats nepotism and embraces young talents from across the globe offering them her social media platform to showcase the best of talent.

Her smile makes the world go wow! The youthful effervescence of her voice is mind-blowing and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is 87 years young and has a career spanning over seven decades with over 1000 Hindi films, several private albums, and is a Guinness Book world record holder as the most recorded artiste in music history. Padma Vibhushan Asha Bhosle also has an amazing repertoire of versatility ranging from Hindi film music, pop, ghazals, bhajans, traditional Indian classical music, folk songs, qawwalis and Rabindra Sangeet in over 20 Indian and foreign languages.

Yet, Asha Bhosle is an icon who keeps reinventing herself. After launching her YouTube channel recently, Asha Bhosle is now coming out with her show titled ‘Asha Ki Asha’. The show seems to be the singer’s musical tribute to the world that gave her the adoration and adulation that she very much deserves. And in this age and era of nepotism and musical shows that thrive on drama more than talent, ‘Asha Ki Asha’ promises to be a show to unearth real talent. “My only interest is in the singers’ musical talent. It is not a show that will highlight his/her life.”

Asha Bhosle has always loved to see talented youngsters get their due. “I’ve always referred young talents to composers, but it is not always that they achieved their dreams.” But lockdown brought with it the big idea. “One day, when I saw my granddaughter singing online with friends and having a blast, it struck me that I could unearth real talent through my YouTube and social media. Hence, I invite aspiring singers to send me two-minute musical videos so that I can review and give a platform to the best."

Asha Bhosle is very clear that musical talent is all that she seeks. “I am looking for unique voices. The right pitch and rhythm sense are a must. Looks, dancing talent, age, gender, nationality – nothing matters. But those under 18 need parental consent.” Also, what's more is that the chosen one will be blessed by Asha Bhosle with 1 lac rupees.

Asha Bhosle is humility personified. She suggests that the song be recorded in a place with minimum external sound interference before he/she uploads it on www.ashabhosle.com. The song has to be either in English or Hindi, and the best talent will receive a certificate signed by the ageless diva herself.

Considering that Asha Bhosle faced the mic as a 10-year-old, she is looking forward to guiding many talented youngsters to walk the same path that she did and let the world hear their voice. “The set was very hot and I was singing for the first time, and to add to that, I was acting as well. The temperature and the bright reflectors were so disturbing and exhausting that I fainted.” Asha Bhosle got up and finished the song. Today, she has one advise for youngsters before they pick up the mic to sing for Asha Ki Asha. “This is not a look test. Focus on the song, the pitch, the rhythm and the voice. Sing from your heart. Trust me, the future is yours!”

Aman Rathee going viral among netizens with his shayari and poems

Aman Rathee going viral among netizens with his shayari and poems

Music in itself is healing. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.

Lots of great projects have popped up all around to improve the visibility of young artists and lyricists. Recently, Aman Rathee known as ASR Rockstar from Rohtak has appeared increasingly in the public eye for his work in many famous songs and expectedly the next singing star from Haryana.

Young Aman Rathee started writing lyrics before the age of 11-12 years. He wrote songs, shayari’s and such compositions. Since then, he hasn't stopped writing and has continued the work till date where he is now 21 years old. This shows his natural talent and highlights the trait of a self learner that he is.

Two major and prominent attributes of someone's life are their lifestyle and relationship with closed ones which gives a lot about someone's personality. Aman comes from a loving family and share a relationship of immense love and respect with all his closed ones and especially with his mother. His cheerful and jolly nature might be the core for his inspiration to the lyrics and writing pieces he presents.

Aman's talent and flair can be seen in famous songs and works of singers, artists, directors & producers to namw a few are Masoom Sharma, KD, Ajay Hooda, Lakshay Sheoran, Sandeep Chaudhary, Dinesh Sudarshan Soi and Elvish Yadav. These are some of the songs without which no party and no celebration is complete.

Talking about the social life, Aman Rathee has nearly reached more than 10k followers on his instagram, keeping it an unembellished and lively place for his followers.

Rathee is an emerging artist and has showcased his undeniable artistry in music as a lyricist. Future is very unpredictable but this boy has the skills that are indisputable. Aman is exploring and acquiring the most he can for sometime after which he might release his own songs.

Bollywood actress Kumkum expired.

Bollywood actress Kumkum expired. She was 86 years old. She acted in more than 100 films. Her notable films are Mother India, Kohinoor, Ujala, Ek Sapera Ek Lootera, Naya Daur, Raja Aur Runk, Geet, Aankhen, Lalkar etc She was also the leading lady of first Bhojpuri film Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo.

This beautiful gay marriage is a lesson in love.

This beautiful gay marriage is a lesson in love.

"Marriage is a beautiful institution and kids bring unimaginable joy to the life of parents. All who wish to experience this feeling should not feel restricted and bound by their sexual orientation. We love every moment of being married. I enjoy our quarrels and make-up sessions. I relish the opportunity to plan eternity with him. But, not everyone has the privilege to cross borders to walk down the aisle with the one person they wish to spend their life."

@suri_keshav talks about marrying the love of his life @cyrilfeuillebois

Read the story by clicking on the link ( linkin.bio/tweakindia ) in our page description and tapping on the corresponding image.

#loveislove #pride #marriage

Photo: Cyril Feuellebois/Instagram

Ashi Khanna & Tanzeel Khan’s debut music video ‘Tera Naa’ trends on YouTube even on 4th day of release

Ashi Khanna & Tanzeel Khan's debut music video 'Tera Naa' trends on YouTube even on 4th day of release

Anshul Seth is a promising singer residing in San Francisco, California and born in Karnal (one of the oldest districts of Haryana) who is all set to release her new Punjabi Song titled – ‘Tera Naa! She’s a bit of a globetrotter; she had lived in India, Singapore, New York and Australia (Sydney). Her mellifluous voice and burning Passion for singing was always evident in her since childhood, she started crooning from a young age and was always enthralled towards singing.

Vocal queen Anshul Seth got started on her musical career very early on , even though it was just a small stint of learning music in school and later getting involved with College youth festivals to hone her vocal skills as a singer. Anshul Seth also completed formal training in Indian classical music & obtained Visharad degree in Music.

Her first track “Tera Naa” featuring the popular duo Ashi Khanna & Tanzeel Khan who are also social media influencers and Youtubers in India.
It's Anshul’s first official music video as a singer and she is all set to croon away to glory with this mesmerizing & soul-stirring song. Tera Naa’s music has been given by talented Music Director Vibhas, which features famous youth stars Tanzeel Khan & Ashi Khanna and is directed by Ace personality of industry Dinesh Sudarshan Soi.

Anshul Seth’s journey so far has been about patience, perseverance and conviction, also she has a strong social support system. Singing is a cathartic experience for Anshul and also something she is passionately involved with her whole heart. It's just a beginning for her, as she is filled with clarity about her goals as an artist. Shortly we will see this versatile and soulful personality collaborating with fresh, creative singers; she is also willing to sing in different languages. Uniquely fascinating, isn't it?

Now it’s only a matter of time before she starts to both dominate the charts and capture our hearts. Her next song will be released around August, but presently we are all excited for music video -Tera Naa release! The exciting track has already crossed 2M views in less than two days!

Though we didn’t share the screen, we did share a bond,” says Mridul Meena from ALT Balaji’s series Class of 2020.

Vikas Gupta’s ‘Class of 2020’ has been one of the most adored series in the ALT balaji fertility and audiences are curiously waiting for updates on ‘Class of 2020 chapter 2.’ It has been evident that there was no discimination between lead characters and supporting artists, as Mridul Meena confirms that despite having a very less screen time compared to other artists, the show made sure that he was trained the exact same way as the other lead stars. During his time on the workshops and shoot he and Rohan Mehra amongst all shared a very close bond. 

“Thanks to this wonderful series, I and Rohan bhai became very close friends. He has been a very helpful friend as he was always there to guide and guard me. During our free time I remember sitting with him and he would tell me about new business ideas and tips to improve my performance which came in real handy during my shoot. It was great having him around as an elder brother as whenever i used to mess up a little, he was there to correct me.” said Mridul meena.

He was born and raised in Rajasthan and after coming to Mumbai to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, he was startled by the love and respect he received from the class of 2020 cast and crew. While asking him more about how he and Rohan Mehra became so close, he added, “Rohan bhai is a very sincere actor and he doesn't talk much, but we had a very strong bond which led to a lot of fun during the shoot. We came closer while occasionally travelling together in his car while going to virar for shoots. That 3-4 hour drive helped us know each other better and share this unbreakable bond. I really wish I get to do many more projects with him.”

Ace Casting Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi’s baby girl ”Maesha Soi” is just about the cutest ever !!

Ace Casting Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi's baby girl ''Maesha Soi" is just about the cutest ever !!

We all love to know about celebs life, Right? And when arguably the biggest Casting Director in the entertainment industry becomes daddy of a beautiful daughter, definitely the news becomes more interesting for us. Yes! You heard it right, Famous Casting Director turned Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi has been blessed with a little baby girl who has been named “Maesha Soi’’. No doubt this name is lovely, feminine sounding, and super sweet like her newborn adorable daughter.
The Star Director is now also a proud father and is completely overjoyed and feels like the luckiest parents in the world. He made it official via a post on Instagram along with a super sweet caption about the arrival of her little angel. Looks like Dinesh Sudarshan Soi and his dotting wife Sonia Malhotra Soi isn't yet done brimming with energy and overflowing with joy on the birth of their precious daughter. The duo shared Maesha fresh pictures and fans, well-wishers went completely gaga over it.
Acclaimed Casting Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi Instagram caption read, of all the titles I have been privileged to have, 'Dad' is the best! He is now ready to sit back and think about taking more new responsibilities as a loving father.
Talking about Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, from his successful transition to different creative ventures, he truly sealed his career in the big league both as a Casting Director and Director, and with numerous titles and awards to his credit, like Dada Saheb Phalke Icon Award Films in Best Casting Director Category, Top Contributor's Trophy from IMDB's CEO Col Needham, Best Debutant Director Award at 6th Darshnik Mumbai Press Media Award and many more, Dinesh Soi rapidly found a footing in the industry and is still going strong. Well back to the little princess Maesha Soi, we can’t deny she is glowing from head to toe and is totally angelic.

Richa Jha js a born model and here’s solid proof

Richa Jha js a born model and here's solid proof

One might think of models as being unrelatable- but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to unassuming personality Richa Jha, one can reckon that she can emerge as the next big thing in the world of entertainment. There is much more to her than meets the eye. Her angelic features combined with a super slender body epitomizes what classic beauty stands for. Richa Jha is all geared up for the long run!

Here’s what you need to know about the reigning model of the moment

Eloquent and congenial, Richa with her steely eyes exudes the kind of badass determination, you can’t help but notice. Richa Jha is a Mumbai based Model, Content Creator, and Pageant Enthusiast who love to multitask and push the envelope beyond her regular work; she imparts confidence in all parts of her life.

In the Spotlight

It's not surprising to know that she started out modelling pretty early. After all, this beauty has the height, svelte appearance, and a kind of naivety from her persona, one can't miss noticing!

She started modelling by the age of 12; she was still in school at that moment. Richa completed her schooling from Ryan International School (Surat). It was a short stint that left a lasting impression on her & helped her in gaining credence, so while in college Richa Jha dove headlong into modelling while simultaneously managing her studies and got a slight tinge of fame and supermodel moment. In 2016, she decided to make the big shift to the big city- Mumbai, the land of big opportunities!

Off the Grid

Born in Godhanpur (a small village in Madhubani District of Bihar) and brought up in Surat (Gujarat). Dimpled beauty Richa Jha is deeply connected to her roots, as she fervently believes its part of her personal history. Very few people know that this strikingly beautiful model is immensely attached to her native place ‘Godhanpur’; it has left an indelible impression on her. Talking about her linguist version- She is fluent in English, Maithili, and Hindi. In fact, she talks at home in Maithili language. In her downtime, Richa Jha enjoys crooning and prancing around.

Her academic background is solid; Richa opted for science stream in high school and studied Mass Communication at the University of Mumbai, obtaining a Master’s degree in Electronic Media and graduated from Lovely Professional University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. There’s so much more to her than breathtakingly good looks.

On the professional note, Richa Jha has proved her versatility by exploring her potential in various fields. Besides being a model, she is a professional skater, a well-rounded writer, and a decent singer with a mellifluous voice. She is a multifaceted powerhouse, unbeatable at being versatile. To make her vocal talent known to the world, she is planning to break out of her comfort zone and is ready to record her voice like a pro in a professional recording studio- Whoa, that’s huge!

Richa Jha has an age-defying appearance and a very pleasant disposition. She’s appeared in campaigns for significant brands like Shein, Fashion Fundas, AJIO, Unakku, Bunko Junko, to name but a few, also she swept several runway shows. Attagirl! At the moment, her focus is on her modelling career.

Richa’s Instagram (@richajha26) makes it more evident for her fans that she could possibly sport every look flawlessly. The future looks bright for this young Cancerian beauty.y

It’s all about passion, vision and diligence: Sanjay Khant

It's all about passion, vision and diligence: Sanjay Khant

Sanjay Khant is an unstoppable and one of the most influential and youngest Social Media Expert, of the epoch. He is a perfect example of dedication towards his passion. Sanjay is a self-made booming personality hailing from Gujarat who has amassed a lot of knowledge in his niche at such a young age. As an YouTube Channel Management and digital expert, you can see him constantly making effort to avoid becoming stagnated in his creative thinking. This young lad retains massive success and has substantiated well that age doesn't matter, it's all about passion, vision, and diligence.

Sanjay Khant handles numerous social accounts of many high profile celebrities and helps them to have an active thriving social media presence and to grow their social media presence the right way on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.